On Being ‘Wacky’ and ‘Crazy’

Our readers might find interesting an article on the loss that Dennis Kucinich’s defeat in a Democratic primary last week will be to US politics’. Kucinich has been a strong advocate of liberal principles within (a war-mongering and money-obsessed) Congress, and for this reason mainstream media have thought it right to deride him as ‘wacky’ and ‘crazy’. A quote from Glenn Greenwald on this:

‘Kucinich was one of those rare people in Washington whose commitment to his beliefs outweighed both his loyalty to his Party and his desperation to cling to political office. He thus often highlighted the severe flaws, deceit and cowardice of his fellow Democrats and their Party as well as the broader political class. That’s why he has to be vilified as crazy and wacky. He’s long been delivering an unpleasant message about the Democratic Party and Washington generally, and like all unwanted messengers, has to be dismissed and marginalized so that this criticism disappears. Thus, those who brought us the Iraq War, Endless War in general, citizen assassinations, the systematic incineration of the Constitution known as the War on Terror, the financial collapse, the destruction of the middle class, and the financial and political supremacy of banker-criminals are sane and respectable. Those who most vehemently opposed those assaults, like Dennis Kucinich, are the “wackiest.”’

Read more: Glenn Greenwald, ‘Dennis Kucinich and “wackiness”’, Salon, 10/03/12: http://www.salon.com/2012/03/10/dennis_kucinich_and_wackiness/singleton/

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