Open letter to UK education activists: The struggle against the neoliberalisation of education is international!

(written by Reclaim Education! Bristol).

Starting next week, we are organising a week of action at our university, to co-incide with the Global Education Strike called by the International Students Movement ( ). While students from Indonesia, Thailand, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, California and Quebec have already announced actions for this week, so far Bristol is the only university in the UK that is taking part in anything to do with the International Students Movement (ISM). We think this is a shame and that more UK groups should get involved!

We acknowledge that currently student activism in the UK is at a bit of a low compared to 2010, but this is all the more reason to associate with the global struggle. Working together across borders increases the visibility of our movement, and helps to boost our morale. Co-ordinating together also means that we can share ideas, and learn from each other. Critically, the neo-liberalisation and commercialisation of education is international in scope. It knows no borders. It makes sense that the fight against it should be international, too!

The Global Education Strike starts next week, from the 14th-22nd November. There are a couple of things that we would suggest you or your local group do to take part:

1) Link mobilisation on your campus for the November 21st demo to the global strike. You can do this by using the symbols and slogans from the common framework ( ), and by reminding people going that actions are happening at universities worldwide this week too.

2) Organise events during the week and announce them here ( )

As well as participating in strike, it is important that we take part in the ISM, so that next time we can take a more active part in global actions. Getting involved in the ISM is simple: just sign up for the mailing list. If you are part of a local group, you can get them to endorse ISM’s joint statement ( ), and nominate someone to attend online meetings, which are announced on the mailing list.

The ISM is an open platform for cooperation, coordination, communication, and collaboration between different individuals and groups involved with the struggle to reclaim education. It is the people and groups that use the ISM who write collective statements, synergize efforts, coordinate, make signs and symbols, and continually expand the horizons of the struggle to emancipate education.

It was initiated during the coordinations of the International Day of Action against the Commercialization of Education on November 5th 2008.

The ISM is generally open to everyone (whether students/pupils, parents, lecturers/faculty, or staff/workers) who supports our collective struggle and has always been and will always be independent of any political party, union, or other institution. Due to the nature of platforms nobody can represent or speak for the ISM as a whole. Nonetheless the international joint statement currently endorsed by 100 groups in more than 40 countries gives an idea of what many people and groups connected to the ISM stand for.

ISM website:

Mailing list: (register your email with to sign up)


In solidarity,
Reclaim Education! Bristol

Reclaim Education! Poster

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